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Maldives Events at Amilla

Amilla embodies a philosophy and lifestyle. Throughout the year, Amilla plays host to a wealth of exciting practitioners and celebrates a diverse array of Maldives events and guest activities ranging from celebrated ethical chefs to world-renowned athletes and therapeutic practitioners. Honour annual festivals from New Year to traditional cultural celebrations in the Maldives and make memories that will last a lifetime.

View our upcoming events below.
  • Claire O’Sullivan

    01 Jul 2024 – 31 Jul 2024

    Claire is a women’s Health & Nutrition Coach, specializing in perimenopause and menopause, passionate about what she does and championing the right for every woman to have access to menopause support. She has extensive knowledge of health, lifestyle and nutritional information to transform the lives of menopausal women, both physically and emotionally.

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  • Consuelo Sayoran

    01 Aug 2024 – 31 Aug 2024

    Meet Consuelo Saroyan: holistic healer, yoga trailblazer, and artist. With 18 years of global study, she blends ancient wisdom with modern techniques in her Conscious Body Therapy and Chakradarshan Yoga method. She also leads immersive retreats worldwide.

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  • Dr. Tridendra Shakya

    01 Oct 2024 – 30 Nov 2024

    Experienced Medical Doctor Tridendra Shakya brings over 17 years of expertise in holistic medicine, specializing in a diverse range of therapies including manipulative massage, acupuncture, reflexology, cupping, therapeutic yoga, and stress management through breathing techniques. With a wealth of experience and a holistic approach to healing, Dr. Shakya offers comprehensive care aimed at promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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  • Festive at Amilla

    20 Dec 2024 – 04 Jan 2025

    Celebrate this festive season with Amilla Maldives and keep an eye out for exciting activities ahead!

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