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Maldives Events at Amilla

Amilla embodies a philosophy and lifestyle. Throughout the year, Amilla plays host to a wealth of exciting practitioners and celebrates a diverse array of Maldives events and guest activities ranging from celebrated ethical chefs to world-renowned athletes and therapeutic practitioners. Honour annual festivals from New Year to traditional cultural celebrations in the Maldives and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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  • Maldives Cultural Week

    20 Jun 2023 – 26 Jun 2023

    We are thrilled to present the third annual Maldives Cultural Week at Amilla, which encompasses Maldives Independence Day. As a locally owned and operated resort, we are elated to be the only property offering this unique festival, which celebrates the authentic culture and traditions in the Maldives while supporting local businesses.

    Discover the Maldives’ traditions and crafts, such as lacquer art and wood carving workshops with Ali Shihab and a painting class by our visiting artist, Maena. Explore the collections of Maldivian designers at the pop-up store with colourful Libaas, the national dress adorned with embroidery and beading. Indulge in the country’s famous cuisine, which features a mix of Indian, Sri Lankan and Arabic influences. Be captivated by the sounds of traditional Maldivian music, including Bodu Beru. Experience the unique culture from traditional sports games, Bashi and Thin Mugoali, to visiting the first Mosque in the Maldives.

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  • George Cleopas

    01 Aug 2023 – 30 Aug 2023

    With over 11 years of experience and knowledge in the holistic health and wellness industry, George Cleopas is a dedicated, multi-disciplined trauma-informed holistic therapist. He designs regimes that integrate massage techniques (Swedish, deep tissue and lymphatic), reiki, sound healing, crystal healing and meditation to help people reach the best versions of themselves.

    Using a blend of Aromatherapy massage oils, George introduces avant garde body treatments such as Lomi Lomi massage, which facilitates deeper connections to one’s self and tantric bodywork that uses sexual energy to clear wounds like trauma, fear, guilt and shame while increasing acceptance and body positivity. Achieve greater balance and wellbeing through combining holistic modalities in a compassionate, intuitive approach.

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  • Pause Retreat

    07 Sep 2023 – 18 Sep 2023

    Even though it is a natural stage in life, it can be daunting to navigate the changing of hormones from a certain age and all that comes with it: hot flashes, mood swings, lack of sleep, brain fog, weight gain, anxiety and dwindling confidence. Our women’s only menopause and perimenopause retreat will put you back in control of your life and facilitate you feeling good about yourself.

    Led by a naturopath and wellness coach, this 4-day Pause Retreat programme addresses physical, emotional and lifestyle factors to offer the edification to help you find balance. Gain a new understanding of your body’s needs and make positive changes to improve your holistic health and wellbeing. Join us for a transformative experience that will leave you feeling renewed, energised and empowered.

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  • Paul Emery

    05 Oct 2023 – 05 Nov 2023

    Paul Emery, who overcame his own severe anxiety and social phobia after 35 years of searching for solutions and training with prominent doctors, neuroscientists, and therapists, is widely recognised for his neuroscience touch-based mind-body treatment and integrating techniques and practices from nutrition, exercise and mindfulness to self-care to help people achieve their optimal health.

    With over 20 years of experience from around the world, he has become a trusted name in the holistic health and wellness field. An award recipient of the ‘Asia Spa Holistic Treatment of the Year’ in 2010, Paul has been a featured speaker for Global Wellness Day and in top media outlets such as Forbes, Vogue, Fox, Sky, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar. Bestselling author of “The Soul of Success” with Jack Canfield and “The Winning Way” with Brian Tracy, Paul has worked with royalty, doctors, athletes and celebrities from the worlds of rock, pop, TV and Bollywood—equipping individuals to achieve optimal health, happiness, and wellbeing.

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  • Festival of Life

    31 Oct 2023 – 13 Nov 2023

    Amilla beats to the rhythm of our Festival of Life at a time of year filled with abundance, remembrance, hope and gratitude. The Festival of Life is an invitation to connect with yourself and the earth beneath your feet as we open our eyes to the beauty around us and inside us.

    Give thanks for good things by honouring your body and mind with the finest food and deep relaxation. Dream your way into a brighter future where your inner child can play and create. Celebrate the sacred tempo of day and night by filling your days with active adventures and your nights with music. Be thrilled by ocean wonders and chilled by late-night tales. Gently held and lovingly guided by the rhythm of the seasons and tides of the ocean, the Festival of Life offers permission to live in the fullness of life you deserve.

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  • Ashish Tripathi

    10 Nov 2023 – 15 Dec 2023

    Ashish Tripathi is a registered naturopath and acupuncturist with over 14 years of experience in the field of natural medicine. Promote relaxation and enhance overall wellbeing with an Ayurvedic consultation to address the current state of your health that treats you as a whole person.

    From acupuncture for chronic pain and appetite suppression to Yogic detox and Yoga Nidra sleep meditation, Ashish’s treatments are tailored to your individual needs while applying his extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine and natural practices. Entrust Ashish with reducing your stress and increasing your overall vitality with the power of practices proven through centuries of tradition, passed down through generations.

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  • Katrina Valente

    19 Dec 2023 – 19 Jan 2024

    Katrina Valente strongly believes that inner peace naturally radiates outer beauty. Drawing on her understanding of skincare and healing arts, she specialises in facials from radio frequency techniques, deep tissue, triple enzyme natural facelifts and regression therapy.

    Her tailored practices go even further with Chakra Balancing Treatment to boost the natural healing abilities of the body and tarot, angel card and oracle readings to then foster lasting solutions to life’s obstacles. Her passion and expertise have garnered Katrina a loyal following and features in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Grazia Middle East and Cosmopolitan Middle East.

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