Exploring Javvu Spa, our wellness retreat, with traditional Dhivehi Beys and tailored wellbeing programmes.
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Wellness at Amilla

Retreat to Javvu Spa and our Luxury Wellness Resort

A contemporary sanctuary nestled in the tranquil jungle, Amilla’s holistic philosophy invites guests to journey into inspired restoration, enhanced mindfulness and amplified stillness. Our homegrown traditional and modern treatment therapies nourish a divine connection with the water that envelops us, the island beneath and the sky above us.

Javvu Spa balances indulgence and rejuvenation with a customised roadmap tailored to your needs. Our integrated techniques are a harmonious intersection of Eastern and Western therapies, crowned with a taste of Dhivehi Beys, authentic Maldivian herbal treatments sourced from our island gardens and jungle.

Open daily from 9:00am till 8:00pm
“Rated one of the Top 10 Spas in Asia”


Signature Treatments traditional Dhivehi Beys at Amilla Maldives Resort and Spa

Signature Treatments

Emerge refreshed from one of our ten treatment pods with a Balinese, Thai or Hot Stone massage therapy session; body treatments and facials incorporate traditional Dhivehi Beys, harnessing the power of the island’s herbs.

Our Private Sensora Therapeutic Environment part of Amilla Maldives' wellbeing programmes


Experience why light, sound and kinesthetic vibration therapy has been used for millennia to induce the healing properties of relaxation, unlocking interactions with biorhythms such as brainwaves, breathing and heartbeat in a private Sensora therapeutic environment.

Yoga & Movement

Engage the mind, body and spirit with a new or familiar mindful movement practice. Invite energetic bliss and increased mobility with a private yoga session led by certified experts.

Fitness Your Way at our Jungle Gym, part of our wellness packages at Amilla Fushi

Fitness Your Way

Fortify your conditioning routines and support your holistic wellbeing with strength and play. Enjoy our myriad of exercise and sporting facilities, or try one-on-one tennis coaching with our resident Pro.

Alchemy Bar at Amilla Maldives Resort and Spa

Alchemy Bar

Discover plant-based remedies combining modern herbalism with the ancient knowledge of the local Maldivian medicine, Dhivehi Beys, in our range of homemade soaps, scrubs and balms featuring ingredients homegrown on the island.

Wellness Your Way

Dietary Lifestyle Choices

In addition to our standard menus, tailored menus in each restaurant equip guests to follow their eating lifestyle while on vacation, whether vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-carb/keto or paleo.


Unlock your potential with
a one-of-a-kind wellness package

Our integrated team of wellness experts will design a personalised 3 to 5-day programme or a one-of-a-kind 7-day Maldives wellness retreat tailored to your holiday needs, desires and goals.

De-stress upon arrival at the resort and be sent off in bliss with complimentary detox bath ceremonies on your first and last nights within the privacy of your villa or residence, designed to cultivate a focus on the present as you begin and conclude your stay with us.

Our wellness packages offer year-round opportunities for regaining a connection to the body’s inherent design. Visit Amilla Maldives resort and spa when we have a visiting subject matter expert for specific explorations.

All package rates include:

  • Meal plan guidance
  • Unlimited Sensora sessions
  • Steam & sauna
  • Tailored timetable


A woman relaxing in a beach hammock at Javvu Spa, Amilla Luxury Spa in the Maldives
Organic Spa Media Logo - 2023 Wellness Travel Award Winner

“2023 Wellness Travel Award Winner”


Tranquillity Pool

After a day of snorkelling and rinsing off in our seaside outdoor showers, enjoy a plunge in our tranquillity pool directly on the banks of the Indian Ocean.

Steam & SAUNA

Aromas of eucalyptus tinged with the fresh seawater of the Indian Ocean in the steam room promote deep relaxation and support the lymphatic organs. The rustic sauna radiates heat to flush toxins and dry the body in preparation for your wellness treatment.

Movement Pavilion

Engage the mind and body in a complimentary group yoga class or private session surrounded by the lush jungle under the movement pavilion.

Jungle Gym

Embrace nature and free your soul whilst toning under a majestic Banyan tree. This zero-carbon gym features functional fitness stations built using natural materials like a coconut weight machine, a scramble net and monkey bars.

Meditation Labyrinth

Quiet the mind in a natural path designed for walking meditation. Invite creativity and balance as you exhale tension and anxieties.


A fresh, life-giving hibiscus mint infusion greets all guests upon arrival. Learn how to replicate our bitters creations or kombucha, supporting the body’s microbiome and energising the mind at home in a workshop hosted in the Wellness Lab at The Emperor Beach Club.

Cardio & Strength Studios

Captivating views of the beach and natural light flood the cardio studio–outfitted with the latest machines. The strength studio is where you will find heavier weights, a Smith machine, functional fitness equipment and open space for lifting and toning workouts.

Island Circuit Track

One of the only resorts in the Maldives to boast a round-island running, walking and cycling track. Enjoy the winding 3km circuit under the shade of the jungle canopy, passing by secret beaches with flashes of dreamy turquoise waters beyond.

A visiting practitioner practicing yoga on a pier, part of Amilla Maldives' wellbeing programmes

Restorative Wellbeing Programmes

Experience the unparalleled therapeutic power of our East-meets-West services and classes with a customised wellness package.