Magical adventures, serene escapes

Nowhere on earth is the sea as captivating as it is at Amilla Maldives.

Delight in a host of adventures by sea, from world-class snorkelling and scuba diving to a family favourite, the sunset dolphin cruise. Explore our lush island with one-of-a-kind Maldives activities from the top glamping destination to local island experiences. Ignite your imagination with some of the best things to do in the Maldives.
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  • Hanifaru Bay Adventures


    Hanifaru Bay is a world-renowned site within Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. A horseshoe-shaped bay, when the tide, moon and conditions are right, the Maldives manta rays and the occasional whale shark aggregate in unprecedented numbers from July to October.

  • Scuba Diving in the Maldives

    Scuba Diving

    Marvel at the kaleidoscopic colours of tropical reef fish, majestic manta rays and friendly turtles. Amilla Maldives is adjacent to a multitude of world-class dive sites. Dive Butler International is our 5-star scuba diving partner.

  • Maldives Snorkelling Experience



    Explore the complete Maldives snorkelling package: house reef snorkelling, night snorkelling, a snorkelling safari, explore the coral gardens or go snorkelling in the famous Maldives Blue Hole at Amilla.

  • Maldives Luxury Yacht Charter

    Luxury Yacht Charter

    Embark on crystal clear waters in the ultimate lavish style. Guests can steal away with a private crew aboard the Blend Princess 62 and experience the Maldives by luxury yacht charter.

  • Dolphin Cruise


    Join our dolphin cruise and see the two of the most common Dolphin species in the Maldives, Spinners and Bottlenose. Dolphins are frequently spotted playing and hunting in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the resort. The prime time to spot these beautiful creatures is just before sunset so join us for a perfect boating excursion for the entire family.

  • Maldives Water Sports - Motorised

    Motorised Watersports

    Speed across the glassy waters surrounding the island by wakeboard, seabob, jetpack or fun-tubing. Maldives water sports for everyone of all ages and at all levels of experience.

  • Romantic Celebrations


    Whether it’s an intimate wedding dinner, honeymoon, renewal of vows or anniversary, our private luxury wedding packages set the stage for romantic celebrations in the Maldives. From designing dining on our private sandbank to champagne sunset ‘dhoni’ cruises, there is merit in why Amilla is the recipient of the World’s Best Honeymoon Hotel recognition, making us a premier honeymoon resort in the Maldives.

  • Glamping in the Maldives



    Indulge in exceptional glamping in the Maldives at a secluded beachside location. Reserve the exclusive air-conditioned bubble tent experience featuring champagne, a private chef, a sauna and a plunge pool.

  • Maldives Water Sports - Complimentary

    Complimentary Watersports


    Skim the turquoise lagoon on a stand-up paddleboard or try your hand at windsurfing. Glide over the sparkling waters by kayak. We offer a host of complimentary non-motorised water sports during your stay at Amilla.

  • Private Sandbank Picnic

    Sandbank Picnic


    Enjoy a gourmet picnic whilst marooned on a tiny slice of sand surrounded by glistening waters. We provide the cuisine, while Mother Nature delivers astonishing views at our sandbank picnics.

  • Kids Club


    Foster your little creator, environmentalist, marine biologist or athlete. Experiential activities designed by one of the best kids clubs in the Maldives fuel the imagination of young adventurers with enrichment and connection to nature.

  • Maldives private cinema on the beach

    Private Cinema

    Dinner for 2 or 12 under the stars, on the beach or in the jungle. Sit back and relax at a private showing of your favourite film while in paradise.

  • Local Island Experience - Traditional Maldivian Activities and Experiences

    Local Island Experience

    As a resort owned by Maldivians, it’s our desire to share the heritage of our Naturally Lush Island Paradise. Discover traditional Maldivian culture on this excursion to two local islands.

  • Marine Immersion on the Penguin, a boat with a below-deck glass capsule travelling around Amilla Fushi.

    Marine Immersion

    Explore the spectacular underwater world without ever getting wet. Take a ride on the Penguin, the first semi-submarine, a boat with a below-deck glass capsule, and watch the mesmerising marine life darting below your feet.

  • Coral Frame Planting on the Maldives Coral Reefs

    Coral Frame Planting


    Join our Marine Biologist in a planting coral excursion which helps keep our Maldives coral reefs resilient. Adopt a frame and receive monthly updates on the progress of your fragments for a year.

  • The Tennis Courts at Amilla Maldives



    Our resident tennis coach offers opportunities for aficionados and amateurs alike to sharpen their skills. Meet your match on our two professional courts with the highest quality equipment.

  • Fishing in the Maldives


    For generations, fishermen have been practising the art of line fishing in the Maldives. Head out to sea on a traditional Maldivian fishing adventure, embark on a night fishing excursion or head off in search of big game.

  • Beach Cruising around Amilla Fushi

    Beach Cruising


    Explore the island on our complimentary beach cruisers. One of the only resorts in the Maldives to boast a 3k around the island loop for running, walking & cycling under the shade of the jungle canopy.

  • The Art Studio at Amilla Maldives

    Art Studio


    Encourage your artistry. Attend studio masterclasses hosted by our resident or visiting artist and brush up on your strokes, capturing the idyllic scenery.

  • The Football Pitch at Amilla Maldives



    A team of guests can square off against local islanders in “the beautiful game” at our spacious island resort. Even fan favourites like Tim Sherwood have been known to host football camps at our large football pitch.

  • The Pickleball Court at Amilla, one of only a few pickleball resorts.



    Experience the world’s fastest-growing racquet sport on our standard tennis courts. Practice your backhand, volley and smash surrounded by lush jungle vistas at one of only a few pickleball resorts.

  • Shutterfish Photography

    Shutterfish Photography


    Capture memories of some of the most sought-after photography in the Maldives with a complimentary 30-minute professional photo session at Amilla’s photography studio. Each villa receives a framed 5” x 7” print.

  • Shopping in the Maldives at Amilla Fushi


    Your ‘one-stop-boutique’ for luxury gifts, stylish resort-style clothing, jewellery and accessories is the Island Breeze Shop.

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